introducing 9999years’ img glitcher!

it’s a little page for procedural client-side image glitching! simply upload your image (drag and drop, normal file upload, or from a url) and click the buttons to glitch!

(open example images in fullview for best effect)

it simply converts your image to base64 and then modifies the data—as with hand-done data bending, corruption is inevitable, so be prepared to hit the undo button when your image breaks

file format does matter, as no conversion or processing is done, however, gifs are very volatile and corrupt easily

firefox isn’t supported, although i’ve heard of a few people being able to use it in firefox

since it corrupts images, you won’t be able to upload them directly to websites and may have trouble getting them into actual images—a screenshot service like gyazo may be the best way to save your images.

have fun & read the help or send an ask if you have any questions!

ps: try the random image feature!